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While you are here, you will learn about their amazing story and also discover many great opportunities to engage with the community, support youth STEM career mentoring and perhaps have the chance to meet one of our DOTAs - a Documented Original Tuskegee Airman.


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~March 26th, 2020~

The Florida House of Representatives (HR 8019) and the Florida State Senate (SR 1912) have passed resolutions declaring the fourth Thursday in March as Tuskegee Airmen Commemoration Day.  This legislative action is the end result of a long campaign to honor our Documented Original Tuskegee Airmen (DOTAs). Please click on the images below to learn more about this historic legislation.   


Florida House HR 8019

Florida Senate SR 1912

HR 8019.JPG
SR 1912.JPG
TAI DOTA Interview 94.5.mp3
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HR 8019 Video 

SR 1912 Video 

Radio Host, Monica May, of Orlando's Star 94.5 FM and the Tom Joyner Morning Show, interviews our DOTAs!

Click on the player below to listen.

Youth Drone Flying Program 

Our Chapter is proud to announce a new partnership with G3 Life Applications organization in Tampa FL. We have initiated an Aviation Orientation program featuring "Small Unmanned Aerial System (SUAS or small drones). Please Click on the image below for more details.


We recognize our Documented Original Tuskegee Airmen (D.O.T.A.) as heroes and role models.  Please take a few minutes to learn about their personal stories of service, sacrifice, patriotism and courage.


We believe in nurturing a continuing relationship with all active duty military members.  They represent the embodiment of the Tuskegee Airmen Legacy. 

We seek to build new partnerships with all Community organizations and partners who share the vision and wish to preserve the rich heritage and legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen. 

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